Closing Wounds 

With these pieces I intend to approach art from a designer’s point of view. I have left feasibil- ity aside and focused on creating a sculpture out of a chair, and transforming a table into a work of art.
I have always felt that Colombia is a huge open wound caused by the internal war that we have lived during so many years. As a designer and creative figure I felt the necessity to materialize that wound through an object. This is how I created a symbol, which is meant to create awareness about the opportunity we have to close this wound and turn it into a scar.
A scar is better than an open wound.

Closing Wound Table Sergio Vergara
I believe that beauty elevates the human spirit; this is why I am always in a continual search for finding it and capturing it through my creations. In this series, beauty praises the closed wound in an act of forgiveness and reconciliation.
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